Become a Covenant Partner





Our ministry purpose is to move the body of Christ from "Position to Purpose." We look to bring healing and wholeness to all families through the written and spoken word of God. And we would like you to prayerfully consider becoming a Covenant Partner with us.

A covenant is an agreement between two or more parties that involves responsibilities on the part of each other. A partner is one who shares in some common activity with another individual or group. Thus a Covenant Partner is someone who is committed to this ministry and shares its vision.

As YOUR partner, we want to help you fulfill the will of God for your life. That's what partners do - we help to maximize each other's strengths and to eliminate all weaknesses. Furthermore, as you consistently sow toward the vision of CGCC, you can EXPECT the manifestation of God's vision for your life! Through partnership, we all play a significant role in building the Kingdom of God on the foundation of God's love.

As we come into Covenant Partnership, OUR part will be to:

1. Pray on a daily basis for you and your family that God's blessings are upon you.

2. Study and diligently seek the Word of God.

3. Contact you monthly via e-mail and/or other means of contact to give you the latest teaching material and the Message of the Month.

4. Be good stewards and operate in integrity and excellence.
As we come into Covenant Partnership, YOUR part will be to:

1. Pray for the ministry and the leadership.

2. Support this ministry financially with a monthly gift, so that your cycle of giving continue and flourish (Philippians 4:17)

If you would like to become a Covenant Partner of CGCC and support us financially with your monthly or one-time pledge, which is tax deductible, simply provide your information by mailing your contribution to P.O. Box 14274 Raleigh, NC 27620. You will receive confirmation by either e-mail or mail, and a Partner Packet in the mail. We look forward to your Covenant Partnership.


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